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Bullard Collection Circle Lighting : Where Illumination Meets Art

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Bullard Collection Circle Lighting : Where Illumination Meets Art

Have you ever wondered what makes a circle or circular lighting so special? Why is it that this simple shape can evoke such powerful emotions and meanings in different cultures and contexts? From the sun and the moon to the wheel and the ring, the circle is a universal symbol of unity, harmony, completeness, and eternity.

At Bullard Collection, we have turned the omnipresence of a circle into the beauty of circle lighting. We have taken the circular lighting to its peak finesse and have categorised it for decorative lighting, indoor and outdoor ambience lighting and even for workspaces. We celebrate the form of the circle in all its beauty and diversity. We are the leading manufacturer and importer of specification grade lighting that combines architectural, technical, and decorative elements to create stunning lighting solutions for any space and purpose.

Material Mastery on Bullard Collection Circle Lights

Our products are made from the finest materials and craftsmanship, with a special focus on Murano glass, metal fabrication, and crystals. Murano glass is a centuries-old art form that originated in Venice, Italy, and is renowned for its vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and exquisite shapes. Metal fabrication is a modern technique that allows us to shape and weld metal into various forms and finishes, from sleek and minimalist to ornate and elaborate. Crystals are natural minerals that reflect and refract light in dazzling ways, creating a sense of luxury and elegance.

We offer a wide range of circle lighting products, from ceiling and wall fixtures to floor and table lamps, all inspired by the circle and its variations. Whether you are looking for a simple and functional light source, or a statement piece that will transform your space, we have something for you. You can choose from our existing Collection, or customise your own design according to your preferences and needs.

Categories of Circle Lights in Bullard Collection

Essentia Circle Lighting: Where Elegance Meets Illumination

Step into a world where light transcends mere function. Imagine circles of luminous grace adorning your walls, casting a spell of sophisticated beauty. This is the magic of Essentia, a handcrafted collection of circular lighting designed to elevate your home beyond the ordinary.

Essentia embraces the soft, organic form of the circle, symbolising wholeness and harmony. Each light is meticulously crafted from premium materials, whispering tales of quality and attention to detail. Imagine brushing your fingertips against the smooth, cool metal, feeling the weight of true craftsmanship. But Essentia isn’t just about looking stunning. It bathes your space in a warm, inviting glow, adjustable to suit your mood. Want a romantic dinner bathed in golden hues? Simply dim the light, and let the magic unfold. Craving a vibrant workspace? Crank it up, and feel the energy flow.

Bejewelled Brilliance: The Diamante Pendant Circle Lighting

Handcrafted with the finest materials, the Diamante glistens with your choice of high-quality Swarovski crystals, dazzling Spectra crystals, or sleek glass crystals in black, red, or transparent. Each octagonal crystal is meticulously cut to capture and refract light, creating a mesmerising dance of brilliance.

More than just a circle light, the Diamante is a conversation piece. Its classic octagonal shape and cascading design evoke a timeless elegance that will never go out of style. Whether you envision it gracing your grand entryway, sparkling above your dining table, or casting a warm glow in your living room, the Diamante is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

A Constellation of Circle Light: The Canopus Pendant Lamp

Gaze upon the Canopus pendant lamp, a luminous masterpiece designed to transform your space into a celestial dreamscape. This breathtaking fixture, crafted by Roberto Giacomucci, features a cascade of sparkling crystals that dance under the glow of indirect LED light.

Imagine the soft, ethereal light washing over your dining room table, casting a spell of sophistication and elegance. Or picture it suspended above your entryway, welcoming guests with a touch of starry-night magic.Available in a variety of finishes, from gold leaf to brushed satin gold, it seamlessly complements both modern and industrial interiors.


Why Should You Definitely Choose Bullard Collection Circle Lights?

If you are looking for a truly unique and elegant way to light up your spaces, be it your home or the restaurant yoOur circular lighting beauty is more than skin-deep. Its quality construction and meticulous craftsmanship ensure that it will be a cherished part of your home for years to come. So let these elegant circle lights and lamps be the crown jewel of your place, a testament to your discerning taste and love for all things beautiful.

Here are some additional details about our circle light collection:

  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit your space
  • Instantly customisable to create the perfect ambiance
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

u just opened up, Bullard Collection circular lighting is not only a choice but an identity for your elegant taste. 

Custom Circle Lighting for All Types of Spaces, Globally

Bullard Collection also provides custom manufacturing and design services for your architectural lighting projects. We have locations in Mexico, United States, Belgium, Italy, and Canada, where we have access to the best skills and materials for your project. We can work with you from the initial concept to the final installation, ensuring that your vision is realised with the highest quality and efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us today. We would love to hear from you and help you find the perfect lighting solution for your space.


Lighting is evolving at the speed of light, and Bullard Collection is at the forefront, blazing a trail as pioneers. Gone are the days of sterile squares and predictable pendants. Every circle light from Bullard Collection spreads a celestial dreamscape spun from sparkling crystals and bathed in ethereal LED light. It’s a conversation starter, a masterpiece that elevates your space beyond mere illumination. It’s the future of lighting, gracing your home with a touch of starry-night magic and transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences. Join Bullard Collection on this luminous journey, and let your home become a testament to the light years ahead.